Our construction team at Aedi Construction have been busy building communities along with the 66-brand new 3-bedroom homes in Salford.
The AEDI site team have struck up a fabulous rapport with school secretary Elaine Patton and the Willow Tree management team.
As part of our ongoing collaboration with the School, they asked the site team to present an assembly to the children to make them aware of the potential safety risks on and around site.
The response from the children was incredible. They showed real interest during the assembly and participated with great enthusiasm. Following from the assembly the children presented our site team with a number of safety posters that are now proudly displayed on site.
Harinder Dhaliwal, managing director at Step Places, said: “Meeting up with the children at Willow Tree Primary School was really enlightening. The children showed a great interest in the scheme from a health and safety point of view, to future careers and the energy saving features we’re adopting. The engagement with the school and the staff is excellent and we are proud to be involved in a community-led scheme with our partners Salix Homes.”
Deputy headteacher Karen Lyons, said: “The children of Willow Tree really enjoyed displaying their creative talents in order to share the message and highlight the importance of safety on construction sites. What a wonderful opportunity for them to have their posters publicly showcased within their own community.”