Step Places are proud to be supporting The Old Courts, as they host an amazing event at Wigan Pier!

Bunker of Zion is a celebration of Zimbabwean culture through music, dance and song
John Pfumojena, The Old Courts and the Collaborative Touring Network Presents Bunker of ZionIn Wigan for three nights only! Bunker of Zion brings together an underground collective of artists to tell their incredible stories. Through energetic live music, dance, and song, you will experience a colourful celebration of Zimbabwean culture.
Set in a world where music is forbidden, the Bunker is a centre for joy, a meeting place, a defiant celebration of culture in a hostile world.
The three nights of Bunker of Zion will be held in the iconic Wigan Pier building, in partnership with Step Places. Reopening for three nights only, this is a unique opportunity to visit the historic venue and to see the essential work that has been done before the venue officially reopens soon.